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After finishing stand, bar passes through Quenching system and receives a short/intensive cooling of the surface. Then it is converted to hard marten site structure while core remains austenitic. The core re-heats the quenched surface and tempers the external marten site. The surface and core temperatures became equal. This is called the Equalizing temperature. On further cooling on the cooling beds, the remaining austenite transforms into Affine grained pearlite structure.

Heat Resistance

In TMT Bars, test results have showed no loss of strength upto 500 deg. 0C in the temperature range 550 to 600 deg. 0C, the Yield strength increases by 20 N/sq mm only. Hence TMT bars can be used in places prone to fire hazards. In CTD bars there Is a large loss of strength at elevated temperatures.

Corrosion Resistance

‘HARI OM’ TMT Bars have better Corrosion Resistance property than normal CTD Bars. In TMT Bars, the fine layer of scale forms a protective layer thereby preventing further corrosion, whereas, in CTD bars, this initial layer scale galls down during the twisting process. Corrosion Resistance can further be improved as per the requirement of the customer by altering the material chemistry.