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Why Hari Om steel


  1. Better fatigue strength.
  2. Built in high creep resistance through adequate cold working.
  3. 100% weld ability
  4. Excellent bend ability
  5. Lesser crack width due to high bond
  6. Suitable both for compression and tension reinforcement
  7. most economical because we generally provide advantage of minus tolerance to Consumers
  8. We do customize rolling of bars of the Fe grades as per requirement.
  9. Generally w e provide bars of length 11 to 12 meter but we also do customization I.e. On request.
  10. We provide special facility to our bulk purchasers fast on site delivery which is as good as lifting from your stores. Hence saves the bulk purchasers from storage problems and saves double loading, unloading and cartage.


Extra strength
With grades of TMT Fe-415/500/550 it is used as a general concrete reinforcement material in high rise buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers, power plants, industrial structure and underground platforms ,as compared to any other steel bars.

Superior weld ability
TMT bars do not suffer any loss of strength at the weld joints as other reinforcement steel do .

Extra Bend ability
Due to the unique feature of uniform elongation , HARI OM TMT possess extra bend ability against any other steel.

Fatigue resistance
Hari Om TMT has high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading on account of high strength of the surface layer as compared to other steel.

Less cost Reduces the construction cost of steel up to 20% which is very high against other steels.